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What's this site about?

Create Youtube-ready video from your JPG image and MP3 file, then you can download it as .FLV or .AVI video or directly upload it to Youtube via this site!

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News: Sorry about "upload pending" problem. It should be working now.
New features: ability to skip uploading JPG file if you already upload the image before. This will allow you to use the same background image for different audio files.


  • a JPG image, maximum file size is 8 MB
  • an MP3 file, maximum file size is 40 MB
  • a Youtube account, only if you want me to upload the video to Youtube via my server (you don't need an account if you only want to download the video). All videos made here are uploaded to your own Youtube account. The login is 100% secured, because you're logging in Youtube server using Google AuthSub.

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Knowledge Base

JPEG is a commonly used method of lossy compression for picture. You can adjust the compression level, allowing you to choose the best tradeoff between file size and quality. JPEG typically achieves 10:1 compression ratio with a little loss in image quality.
The main reason choosing JPG as the solely supported background image is bacause it is most common format used and distributed. Even your camera has ability to take the picture as JPG image. Or you can get the image you want.
If you need to convert your image to JPG, you can use freely available IrfanView (PC only) or other image viewer. Most of operating system had freeware to convert image from one to other formats. Most of paid-application for image processing such as Photoshop can do this also.

MP3 is a form of audio encoding that use lossy data compression in the process. It is a commonly used audio format for consumer digital audio players.
Why using MP3? Relatively small in size, audio CD-graded sound quality, supported on most of operating system. Widely used by audio player and producer.
There's a lot of choice to convert your audio into mp3 format, such as using sox, ffmpeg, mencoder, audacity (I recommend this, it's free and multi-platform). Try searching on Google using this search term: "free audio conversion tool" you'll find some other alternatives.

Result video quality. All videos produced using will be in .AVI and .FLV format. The .AVI is compatible for most of your operating system's stock video player such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime. The video should also works on your conventional DVD player. You can download the video in .FLV format if you want to embed the video on your own blog/site. It is compatible with most of flash player (like jw-player).

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